Get Started with the PingID OIDC Integration

Get Started with the PingID OIDC Integration

Add an extra layer of security to the PingID authentication process in your mobile or web application by using the tru.ID PhoneCheck. These Checks are designed to provide a seamless user experience with no need for any input from the user other than their mobile phone number and an active data connection from the SIM card linked to this phone number. The process of performing a PhoneCheck is carried out in the application's background. For more information on how the PhoneCheck can be implemented into your applications, please check out the PhoneCheck integration guide.

tru.ID leverages PingOne DaVinci Connector capabilities to enhance your authentication flows with another verification step.

Because of the flexibility of PingOne DaVinci no-code platform, tru.ID connector can be dragged and dropped into any step of the DaVinci flow.

For more information and instructions on setting up the tru.ID connector, please follow the instructions on the OIDC-Bridge GitHub Repository for PingID DaVinci.

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