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Welcome to the tru.ID documentation. Learn about concepts used across our products. Then get started with integrating seamless mobile authentication into your native and mobile web apps.


There are various key concepts when using the tru.ID API platform:

  • Projects - a container for configuration on the platform. A project contains credentials used to authenticate API requests with a project mode and per-product configuration.
  • Project mode - a project can have three modes: live, sandbox and disabled.
    • live: a project should be set as live for production, when testing tru.ID in a real world environment such as E2E (End-to-End) testing.
    • sandbox: in sandbox mode API requests do not result in interactions with MNOs (Mobile Network Operators) and no costs are incurred. sandbox should be used for development and general testing. See Sandbox Rules.
    • disabled: the project is disabled. All API requests related to the project will fail.
  • Workspaces - a container for projects. Workspaces also have a balance of credit that is used when API requests associated with the containing projects are made. At present we only support one workspace for each account on the platform. Support for multiple and shared workspaces will be released in the future.
  • Authentication - tru.ID APIs use OAuth2 access tokens.

Sandbox Rules

When a Project is in sandbox mode the following rules apply:

  • A phone_number ending with an even digit will result in a successful check
  • A phone_number ending with an odd digit will result in a failed check
  • A phone_number ending with 00 with return an error
  • All other checks will result in a failed check



Add blazingly fast mobile phone verification to your app for 2FA or passwordless onboarding.

The tru.ID PhoneCheck API confirms ownership of a mobile phone number by verifying the possession of an active SIM card with the same number.


Fortify your existing mobile phone verification against the threat of SIM Swap.

The tru.ID SIMCheck API provides information on when a SIM card associated with a mobile phone number last changed.


Build strong customer authentication with mobile phone verification while preventing SIM Swap fraud.

The tru.ID SubscriberCheck API combines the functionality offerd by PhoneCheck and SIMCheck into a single API.

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