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tru.ID is the Developer Platform for strong proof-of-possession in our mobile-first world.
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How does it work?

Until now, network-level verification of the mobile number was only available to mobile networks themselves, or enterprise customers. Now, tru.ID APIs open up access to carrier authentication systems, so that every app or website that uses mobile numbers can embed silent verification. tru.ID is a game changer for developers, security and UX.
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A PhoneCheck Demo from start to finish

  • Step 1: As the user enters their mobile phone number, you make an API request to tru.ID to initiate a verification. If accepted, you receive a unique URL.
  • Step 2: Make a `GET` request to the check_url on the end-user's mobile device over mobile data connection, made easy through our open-source SDKs
  • Step 3: When the check_url request has completed, verify if the check completed successfully and found a match with the phone number. A successful match confirms that the device in session is associated with the provided number.



Workspaces allow you to share projects and account balance with other users you want to work with.Learn more >


Projects allow users of a workspace to generate credentials they can use to make (and logically group) API calls.Learn more >

Device Reachability

Optimise the UX of your App/Website depending on whether the end user is on a network tru.ID can verify with or not.Learn more >


Instant PhoneCheck

Verify proof-of-possession of a phone number through an active mobile data session created by the end-user's SIM card.Learn more >

Active SIMCheck

An in-session or server-side check for whether the SIM card associated with a phone number has changed in the last 7 days.Learn more >

Strong SubscriberCheck

Verify proof-of-possession of a phone number, and receive confirmation of whether the SIM card in the session was issued in the last 7 days.Learn more >

API Documentation

PhoneCheck API

The PhoneCheck API is used to determine whether the owner of that phone number, SIM card, and active data connection are a match.Learn more >


The SIMCheck API is used to determine whether the SIM card has recently been swapped, and if so, how long ago.Learn more >

SubscriberCheck API

The SubscriberCheck API is used to determine whether the owner of that phone number, SIM card, and active data connection are a match. A Check is also made to determiner whether the SIM Card has recently been swapped, if so how long ago.Learn more >
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