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PhoneCheck Quick Start


Quick Start

This Quick Start guide walks you through a demonstration of making your first PhoneCheck.

You can read through and follow the instructions.

Quick Start steps

The following steps show how to install and setup the tru.ID CLI, create your first tru.ID Project, create your first PhoneCheck and run a check using your mobile phone.

  1. Before you begin: Install Node.js
  2. Install the tru.ID CLI:
    $ npm install -g @tru_id/cli
  3. Once the CLI is installed, setup the CLI with your credentials:
    $ tru setup:credentials {YOUR_CLIENT_ID} {YOUR_CLIENT_SECRET} eu
  4. With the tru.ID CLI installed and configured, create a new Project and follow the prompted instructions:
    $ tru projects:create handsome_waste_1496
  5. Navigate into the newly created project directory:
    $ cd handsome_waste_1496
  6. Turn off WiFi on your mobile phone

  7. Run your first PhoneCheck full workflow

    $ tru phonechecks:create --workflow
  8. Scan the QR code shown in the console using your mobile phone.
  9. The tru.ID CLI will show the tru phonechecks:create command result.

Congratulations! You've just completed your first of many phone checks.

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